Texas Fire Resources Launches Best In Class Virtual Learning Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of Texas Fire Resources Education, our new e-learning/in-person platform, following a successful six-month pilot phase in 2022. The first e-learning hybrid course of 2022 on the new platform kicks off this week (August 22nd) for Driver/Pumper-Operator.    

Texas Fire Resources Education platform, is designed to facilitate online training, e-learning and discussion through a virtual community while maintaining true hands on skills learning. The pilot phase for six months generated outstanding reviews from those who took courses, instructed courses and examined the finals. 

How does it work?

Texas Fire Resources Education can be accessed via the Texas Fire Resources Education training website.

In order to participate in a Texas Fire Resources Education course, participants must first complete purchase a course and register – providing your TCFP FIDO ID.

Pretty easy right? Contact us should you need any help or just have some questions.

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