Fire, Rescue & EMS Consulting

The challenges facing todays volunteer and paid fire departments are unique and unexpected. As a result, we often need help and guidance from true subject matter experts for these unique and often stressful situations. Texas Fire Resources can provide expert fire, rescue and EMS consulting services to your staff as well as career, combination and volunteer fire departments.

Our staff encompasses decades of experience at all verticals of the fire, rescue and EMS. Texas Fire Resource experts can:

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Operating Guidelines
  • Consolidation opportunities that are evaluated in an objective manner centered around your type of department
  • Suggest and lead implementation of new communication and data systems
  • Dynamic deployment, staffing and shift models
  • Strategic service planning for departments of all types and and sizes
  • Assist in risk awareness program creation and go-to mitigation strategies
  • Observe, evaluate and adjust compliance programs
  • Conducted leadership development and coaching at the individual and organizational level

With Texas Fire Resources, we work with our clients to develop a trusted relationship that allows for seamless and best in class change. We’ve been working with and assisting departments grow into a more efficient organization and are always proud to be part of profound change.

To see how we can be utilized and help you grow, call us at 833512FIRE